Cole Bennett Net Worth And Wife Name Biography

Cole Bennett Net Worth

Cole Bennett is an American music video director, photographer, and entrepreneur best known for founding the popular music video production company Lyrical Lemonade. Although quite young, Bennett’s creative vision, unique directing style, and close relationships with music stars have already significantly grown his estimated net worth.

Who is Cole Bennett?

Currently, only 24 years old, Cole Bennett hails from Chicago and started developing his self-taught editing skills as a teenager. While studying business in college, he combined his passion for videography with the city’s thriving hip-hop scene to launch his videography brand Lyrical Lemonade.

Bennett has since worked with hip-hop artists like King Von, Lil Yachty, and Juice WRLD and directed several viral music videos accumulating hundreds of millions of views.

Bennett’s Rise to Fame

Bennett first grabbed attention in high school for his creative videography work creating unique lyric videos for Chicago rappers. However, it was his visually stunning music video direction for emerging talent Lil Yachty and DRAM that propelled him to fame within the industry.

Lyrical Lemonade

The new CEO, Cole launched Lyrical Lemonade in 2016 as a blog showcasing Chicago’s rap culture. It evolved into a multifaceted media brand with Cole directing music videos for A-list hip hop artists through Lyrical Lemonade Productions.

The company has expanded into merchandise, festival organization, talent management and more. However, Cole still directs 3 music videos each week – now with a full production team.

Notable Music Videos

Some numbers showing Cole’s incredible video success:

  • 200+ million views for Juice WRLD’s “Lucid Dreams”
  • 100+ million for Iann Dior’s “Prospect”
  • 63+ million views for Lil Tecca’s “Ransom”
  • 49+ million views for Lil Skies “Red Roses”

Cole’s cinematic style merges creative visuals with raw talent to make ambitious videos that attract huge viewing figures.

Business Endeavors

Cole maintains an active role operating all arms of the growing Lyrical Lemonade enterprise:

LYRICAL LEMONADE RECORDS – The 2020 launched music label already features artists like Benji Cold, Murray, and Kanan Kevan in its roster.

COLE BENNETT CREATIVE – His creative directing/production services have been hired by Nike, PlayStation, NBA 2K, and the rapper Logic.

OTHERS – Events management, merchandising, sponsorship partnerships, etc.

Estimated Net Worth

Given his youth and privately owned companies, Cole Bennett’s exact net worth is hard to confirm. However, reputable outlets estimate:

  • Net Worth Planet: $3 million
  • Naibuzz: $4 million

The majority of this wealth has been accumulated in just the past 3 years since Lyrical Lemonade exploded in popularity.

Sources of Income

The primary income channels contributing to Bennett’s high and rising net worth are:

  • Music video production through Lyrical Lemonade
  • Brand partnership fees and creative directing commissions
  • Ownership of Lyrical Lemonade music label
  • Merchandise sales from products and apparel
  • YouTube revenue from 2 billion+ video views

Bennett also takes a share of profits from the events company and talent management firm under Lyrical Lemonade.

Charity Work

Despite his success, Cole Bennett remains dedicated to giving back to his Chicago roots.

  • Organizes and funds scholarships through the Cole Bennett Foundation
  • Regularly directs music videos free for Chicago artists
  • Partners with charities helping disadvantaged youth find creative pursuits

Investments and Assets

There is limited public information on Cole’s investments and assets. However, we know that in addition to the Lyrical Lemonade company portfolio he has focused wealth allocation towards:

  • Real estate purchases in the Los Angeles area
  • Stocks in streaming/entertainment brands like Spotify and Netflix
  • High-value sports memorabilia e.g. basketball cards
  • Jewellery and luxury vehicles

Diversified assets will only further grow his net worth.

Luxury Purchases

While Cole maintains a relatively lowkey lifestyle, he has treated himself with a few opulent purchases as his wealth has grown:

  • $200,000 custom diamond Grillz mouthpiece
  • $400,000 extreme customization of a Rolls Royce
  • $1 million+ luxury mansion in Los Angeles

Expect more statement purchases as the young mogul’s empire expands.

Reasons for High Net Worth

Bennett has earned multi-millionaire status at such a young age due to:

  • His standout directorial talent and artistic vision
  • First-mover advantage to massively grow Lyrical Lemonade
  • Leveraging industry relationships into business opportunities
  • Tapping into social media and fan loyalty for profitability
  • Focussing on niche videography rather than diverse content

Financial Lessons from Cole Bennett

Although a self-made fortune, Cole’s rapid wealth can teach:

  • The power of youthful risk-taking before obligations like family and mortgage
  • Value of focus and deep specialization on a needed skill
  • Thinking digital-first when assessing business ideas
  • Balancing hard work with understanding your worth

Looking Ahead

At just 24 with an estimated $4 million net worth, Cole Bennett’s earning potential and entrepreneurial ceiling are astronomical given his early success.

If Lyrical Lemonade continues its ascension as Gen Z’s go-to music discovery platform, Cole could become hip hop’s next taste-making billionaire mogul.

Or he could look to sell his company to a streaming giant like Spotify, YouTube, or Apple seeking to capture younger crowds.


Through dedication to his videography craft and leveraging a youth culture shift to online video content, Cole Bennett has quickly built both fame and fortune. Expect Cole’s net worth to keep rising exponentially if he continues nurturing talent and evolving the Lyrical Lemonade creative juggernaut.