Jos Buttler’s Wife Louise Buttler: Age, Children, And Contact

Behind every successful cricketer, there’s often a supportive partner who plays a crucial role in their life and career. For England’s wicket-keeper batsman Jos Buttler, that person is his wife, Louise Buttler. While Jos makes headlines with his cricketing exploits, Louise has carved out her own identity as a devoted wife, mother, and pillar of support for her husband. This article delves into the life of Louise Buttler, exploring her age, family background, children, social media presence, and more.

Louise Buttler Biography

Aspect Details
Full Name Louise Buttler (née Webber)
Born The early 1990s (exact date not publicly known)
Age Early 30s (as of 2024)
Nationality British
Spouse Jos Buttler (married October 2017)
Children Georgia Rose (born April 2019), Margot (born September 2021)
Education Completed in England (specific details not public)
Career Not widely known; focus on family and supporting Jos
Social Media Instagram: @louisebuttler, Twitter: Active but less frequent
Known For Wife of England cricketer Jos Buttler, supportive cricket WAG
Interests Fitness, wellness, travel, fashion
Philanthropy Supports various cricket and children’s charities

Louise Buttler: A Brief Overview

Louise Buttler (née Webber) is best known as the wife of England cricket star Jos Buttler. While she maintains a relatively low profile, Louise has become a familiar face among cricket fans and followers of the England team. Her unwavering support for Jos and her role in managing their family life while he pursues his cricketing career have endeared her to many.

Age and Early Life

Louise Buttler was born in the early 1990s, making her approximately in her early 30s as of 2024. The exact date of her birth is not publicly known, as she tends to keep personal details private. Louise grew up in England, where she spent most of her formative years before meeting Jos.

Family Background

Parents and Siblings

Information about Louise’s parents and siblings is limited, as she prefers to keep her family out of the public eye. This desire for privacy is understandable given the high-profile nature of her husband’s career. It’s believed that she comes from a close-knit family that has been supportive of her relationship with Jos and her role as a cricket wife.

Education and Career

Louise is reported to have completed her education in England, though the specifics of her academic background are not widely known. Before becoming a full-time mother and supportive partner to Jos, she is believed to have pursued her own career, although details about her professional life prior to marriage are scarce.

Relationship with Jos Buttler

 How They Met

Jos and Louise’s love story began in their hometown of Taunton, Somerset. They are believed to have met through mutual friends or local social circles. Their relationship blossomed as Jos’s cricketing career was taking off, with Louise providing crucial support during the early stages of his professional journey.

Wedding and Marriage

The couple tied the knot in October 2017 in a beautiful ceremony attended by family, friends, and several of Jos’s England teammates. Their wedding was a celebration of love and cricket, with many cricketing stars in attendance. Since then, Louise has been a constant presence at Jos’s matches, cheering him on from the stands and providing emotional support both on and off the field.

Jos Buttler’s Wife Louise Buttler Photo

Jos Buttler's Wife Louise Buttler photo

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Georgia Rose

Jos and Louise welcomed their first child, a daughter named Georgia Rose, in April 2019. The arrival of Georgia brought immense joy to the couple and marked a new chapter in their lives. Jos has often spoken about how fatherhood has changed his perspective on life and cricket.


In September 2021, the Buttler family grew once again with the arrival of their second daughter, Margot. The addition of Margot further cemented the couple’s commitment to building a loving family while navigating the demands of international cricket.

Life as a Cricket WAG

Supporting Jos’s Career

Louise has embraced her role as a cricket WAG (Wife and Girlfriend) with grace and dedication. She is often seen at Jos’s matches, providing moral support and celebrating his achievements. Her presence has been noted during crucial tournaments, including the ICC Cricket World Cup and various bilateral series.

 Balancing Family and Cricket

One of Louise’s biggest challenges is balancing family life with the demands of Jos’s cricketing career. With frequent tours and long periods away from home, Louise has taken on the primary responsibility of managing their household and raising their daughters. Her ability to maintain a stable home environment has been crucial in allowing Jos to focus on his performance on the field.

Social Media Presence


Louise maintains an active presence on Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her family life, travels, and support for Jos’s career. Her Instagram handle @louisebuttler provides followers with a window into the personal side of the Buttler family, showcasing moments of joy, travel adventures, and the occasional behind-the-scenes look at life as a cricketer’s wife.


While less active on Twitter compared to Instagram, Louise occasionally uses the platform to share updates and show support for Jos during important matches. Her Twitter presence complements her Instagram activity, offering another channel for fans to connect with the Buttler family.

Jos and Louise Buttler Contact Address

Contact Information Details
General Correspondence Jos Buttler
Location C/o England and Wales Cricket Board
City Lord’s Cricket Ground
Town London NW8 8QZ
Country United Kingdom
Management Contact Details not publicly available
Social Media Louise Buttler: Instagram @louisebuttler
Twitter Jos Buttler: Twitter @josbuttler
Fan Mail Same as the General Correspondence address
Personal Address Not disclosed for privacy reasons
Agent/Publicist Contact details not publicly available
Important Note Personal messages may not reach them directly
Response is not guaranteed due to the volume of correspondence

Louise’s Interests and Hobbies

Beyond her role as a supportive wife and mother, Louise has her own interests and hobbies. She has shown a keen interest in fitness and wellness, often sharing workout routines and healthy living tips on social media. Louise also appears to enjoy travel, fashion, and spending quality time with family and friends when Jos’s schedule allows.

Philanthropy and Charitable Work

The Buttler family has been involved in various charitable initiatives, particularly those related to cricket and children’s welfare. While specific details of Louise’s individual charitable work are not widely publicized, she has supported Jos in his philanthropic efforts, including fundraising activities for cricket-related charities and community projects.

Public Appearances and Media Coverage

Louise occasionally publicly appears alongside Jos at cricket events, award ceremonies, and charity functions. While she maintains a relatively low media profile, her presence at these events often garners attention from cricket fans and the press. Louise has been praised for her elegance and poise during these public outings, complementing Jos’s role as a cricket ambassador.

Louise Buttler’s Net Worth

Aspect Details
Estimated Net Worth $1-3 million (as of 2024, jointly with Jos Buttler)
Primary Source Jos Buttler’s Cricket Career Earnings
Secondary Sources Potential endorsements, investments
Factors Influencing Net Worth Jos’s England cricket contracts, IPL earnings
Notable Assets Properties in England (specific details not public)
Lifestyle Comfortable but not extravagant
Financial Privacy Maintains a high level of privacy regarding finances
Charitable Contributions Supports various causes, extent not publicly known
Future Projections Likely to increase with Jos’s ongoing cricket career


Louise Buttler may not be as famous as her cricketing superstar husband, but her role in Jos Buttler’s life and career is undeniably significant. As a supportive wife, dedicated mother, and adept manager of their family life, Louise has proven to be an invaluable partner in Jos’s cricketing journey. Her ability to maintain a sense of normalcy and stability amidst the whirlwind of international cricket is a testament to her strength and character.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Who is Louise Buttler?

A: Louise Buttler is the wife of England cricketer Jos Buttler. She is known for being a supportive partner and mother to their two children.

Q2: When did Jos and Louise Buttler get married?

A: Jos and Louise Buttler got married in October 2017.

Q3: How many children do Jos and Louise Buttler have?

A: They have two daughters: Georgia Rose, born in April 2019, and Margot, born in September 2021.

Q4: What does Louise Buttler do professionally?

A: Louise’s current professional status is not publicly known. She is primarily recognized for her role in supporting Jos’s cricket career and raising their family.