Love Catcher In Bali Where To Watch

Love Catcher in Bali Where to Watch

Love Catcher is a popular South Korean reality dating show that has become a global phenomenon over the past few years. The unique concept of the show involves contestants trying to determine who is genuinely interested in finding love and who is there for more nefarious reasons.

What is Love Catcher?

Love Catcher brings together a group of male and female contestants in an exotic destination, where they participate in various games, missions, and interactions to try to determine who is there for the “right reasons”. Contestants try to catch “love rats” who are not genuinely looking for romance. Those who are revealed to be love rats are eliminated.

Love Catcher Contestants

The contestants on Love Catcher come from diverse backgrounds, from models to entrepreneurs to former idols. They range in age from early 20s to mid-30s. Some join because they genuinely want to find love, while others have ulterior motives like furthering their careers. Part of the show’s drama and intrigue comes from trying to decipher people’s true intentions.

Love Catcher Filming Location

The first two seasons of Love Catcher took place in a villa resort in Gangwon-do, South Korea. However, the third season brought a new exotic location, taking place in a luxury resort in Bali, Indonesia. The beautiful tropical setting provided a romantic backdrop for the show’s love games and dates.

Where to Watch Love Catcher in Bali

Love Catcher in Bali is primarily available to watch on the South Korean streaming platform Viu. For international fans, there are also alternative streaming options.


Viu is the official streaming platform for Love Catcher in Bali in South Korea. All episodes are available with Korean subtitles. Viu can be accessed via a website or by downloading the app on various devices like smart TVs, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Viu Premium

To access Love Catcher in Bali on Viu, a Viu Premium subscription is required. Viu Premium unlocks additional content libraries, HD streaming quality, the ability to download content, and more. Premium plans are paid subscriptions that vary in price depending on region.

Streaming Sites

For fans based outside South Korea without access to Viu, some alternative legal streaming sites include:

  • Rakuten Viki – English subtitled episodes available in certain regions
  • OnDemandKorea – Accessible in the Americas
  • iQiyi – Streaming available in certain Asian regions

There are also various illegal streaming and torrent sites, though quality and safety vary dramatically on these.

Why Love Catcher in Bali is Popular

Love Catcher in Bali has garnered significant popularity among international audiences. Some reasons it has enraptured fans globally include:

  • Exciting tropical location – The lush Bali backdrop provides an alluring and paradise-like setting
  • Cross-cultural interest – Fans across Asia and globally find the Korean dating show concept fascinating
  • Addictive format – The competition, mystery, and dating elements combine for binge-worthy entertainment
  • Unique concept – Determining “love rats” from sincerely intentioned contestants provides lots of dramatic intrigueSocial buzz – Popular memes, debates, rumors, and gossip around contestants circulate, enticing conversation
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Love Catcher in Bali

    What is the premise of Love Catcher?

    Love Catcher brings together male and female contestants at a resort location. Through various games and interactions, the contestants try to determine who is genuinely looking for love, and who is there for ulterior motives like fame. Those deemed “love rats” get eliminated.

    How can I watch Love Catcher in Bali online?

    Love Catcher in Bali is available on the South Korean streaming service Viu. You need a paid Viu Premium account. For international fans without Viu, options include streaming sites like Rakuten Viki, OnDemandKorea, and iQiyi depending on your region.

    Why was Bali chosen as the location?

    The producers chose Bali for its beautiful, tropical aesthetic. The lush resort backdrop gives the show a paradise-like atmosphere, upping the romantic feel.

    How are contestants eliminated?

    Contestants get eliminated in elimination ceremonies if they are deemed to be “love rats” not there for genuine reasons. Love rats get revealed through games testing trust and compatibility or by contestant voting.

    How can I vote or participate in Love Catcher episodes?

    Unfortunately, Love Catcher does not allow fan voting. Eliminations and decisions are made solely by fellow contestants. So viewers cannot directly participate or influence episode outcomes.

    Are any former Love Catcher contestants still dating?

    While Love Catcher doesn’t have the highest success rate for actual relationship longevity, there have been some lasting romances. Notably, Jeon Ye-eun and Kang Ho-dong met on the show in 2019 and later confirmed they remained a couple post-filming.

    Will there be another season filmed in Bali?

    There’s no confirmation yet but the Bali location was very popular. As the show continues to see strong ratings and global interest, chances seem decent producers might return to film in Bali for a future season. Fans are eager for any updates!


With its one-of-a-kind concept, exotic filming location, and entertaining format, it’s no wonder Love Catcher in Bali has captured the attention of romance reality fans all over the world. And with new seasons continuing to air in Korea, this show’s popularity looks set to continue spreading globally. For those enamored with Love Catcher in Bali, Viu remains the premier destination to get the latest episodes of the show.

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