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Shoaib Malik wife

Shoaib Malik’s New Wife Sana Javed is a Pakistani actress and model who has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry with her versatile performances and captivating on-screen presence. Born on September 25, 1992, in Ahmedabad, India, she has risen to become one of the most sought-after actresses in Pakistan’s entertainment landscape. With her talent, beauty, and dedication, Sana has won the hearts of millions of fans across the globe.

Early Life and Family Background

Shoaib Malik’s New Wife Sana Javed was born into a family of mixed heritage, with her father hailing from Pakistan and her mother from India. Her parents relocated to Pakistan when she was just a year old, and she spent her formative years in Karachi. Despite being raised in a conservative household, Sana’s parents encouraged her to pursue her dreams and talents

Sana Javed Biography:

Full Name Sana Javed
Nickname Sana
Date of Birth September 25, 1992
Age 30 years old
Birth Place Ahmedabad, India
Nationality Pakistani
Ethnicity Pakistani-Indian
Religion Islam
Zodiac Sign Libra
Profession Actress, Model
Years Active 2012 – Present
Parents Father: Pakistani, Mother: Indian
Husband Aamir Daud Naeem (m. 2020)

Career Beginnings and Rise to Fame

Shoaib Malik’s New Wife Sana’s journey into the entertainment industry began at a young age when she participated in various modeling competitions and fashion shows. Her striking looks and confident demeanor caught the attention of several talent scouts, and she soon landed her first acting role in the popular television series “Nanhi” in 2012.

From there, Shoaib Malik’s New Wife Sana’s career took off, and she quickly became a household name with her performances in hit dramas such as “Pyarey Afzal,” “Dastaan,” and “Zara Yaad Kar.” Her breakthrough came in 2018 when she starred in the critically acclaimed drama “Khaani,” which earned her widespread acclaim and numerous awards.

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Shoaib Malik wife

Notable Works

Shoaib Malik’s New Wife Sana Javed’s acting repertoire is diverse and impressive. Some of her most notable works include:

  • “Khaani” (2018) – Her portrayal of a complex character dealing with domestic abuse and emotional trauma garnered critical acclaim.
  • “Dunk” (2019) – Her performance as a police officer in this action-packed thriller showcased her versatility as an actress.
  • “Aye Musht-e-Khaak” (2020) – Sana’s nuanced portrayal of a woman caught in a love triangle earned her praise from audiences and critics alike.
  • “Sang-e-Mah” (2022) – Her latest drama series, where she plays a strong-willed and independent woman, has further cemented her status as a leading actress.

Personal Life and Marriage

Shoaib Malik’s New Wife Sana Javed’s personal life has been a topic of interest for her fans and the media. In 2020, she tied the knot with fellow actor Aamir Daud Naeem in an intimate ceremony. The couple has been open about their relationship and often shares glimpses of their life on social media.

Networth and Achievements

Estimated Net Worth PKR 50 million (approx $250,000)
Income Sources Acting, Endorsements, Other Ventures
Property Personal Residence in Karachi
Cars Toyota Fortuner, Honda Civic

Shoaib Malik’s New Wife Sana Javed’s successful career has not only brought her critical acclaim but also financial success. Her estimated net worth is believed to be around PKR 50 million (approximately $250,000 USD), accumulated through her acting roles, brand endorsements, and other ventures.

Over the years, Sana has been honored with numerous awards and accolades for her outstanding performances. Some of her notable achievements include:

  • Lux Style Award for Best Actress (Terrestrial) in 2019 for “Khaani”
  • Hum Award for Best Actress in 2019 for “Khaani”
  • Hum Style Award for Most Stylish Actress in 2020

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Controversy and Public Image

Despite her success, Sana Javed has not been immune to controversies and public scrutiny. In 2021, she faced backlash for her comments on a talk show, which were perceived as insensitive by some. However, she promptly apologized and addressed the issue, demonstrating her willingness to learn and grow.

Overall, Sana has maintained a positive public image and is widely regarded as a role model for young women in Pakistan. Her dedication to her craft, professionalism, and commitment to social causes have earned her respect and admiration from fans and industry colleagues alike.

Future Projects and Goals

Sana Javed shows no signs of slowing down as she continues to take on challenging and diverse roles. She is currently working on several projects, including a highly anticipated web series and a feature film.

In addition to her acting pursuits, Sana is also passionate about using her platform to raise awareness about social issues and causes close to her heart. She has been an advocate for women’s empowerment and has actively supported various charitable organizations.


Sana Javed’s journey from a young, aspiring actress to becoming one of Pakistan’s most celebrated and sought-after talents is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and talent. With her versatile performances, captivating on-screen presence, and commitment to her craft, she has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

As she continues to take on new challenges and explore diverse roles, Sana Javed’s star continues to shine brightly, inspiring audiences and aspiring actors alike. Her story is a reminder that with passion, perseverance, and a willingness to learn and grow, anything is possible in the pursuit of one’s dreams.