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Pat Cummins wife Becky Boston

Becky Boston, the wife of Australian cricket sensation Pat Cummins, has become a notable figure in her own right. While she often finds herself in the spotlight due to her husband’s cricketing prowess, Becky has carved out her own identity and garnered attention for her grace, style, and supportive nature. This article delves into various aspects of Becky Boston’s life, from her background and relationship with Pat Cummins to her personal interests and public presence.

Pat Cummins’ Wife Becky Boston Biography

Aspect Details
Full Name Rebecca (Becky) Boston
Nationality British
Profession Interior Designer
Date of Birth Late 1980s/Early 1990s (exact date not disclosed)
Age Early to mid-30s (as of 2024)
Spouse Pat Cummins (married on July 30, 2022)
Children Albie Cummins (born October 8, 2021)
Education Completed in the United Kingdom (specific details not public)
Residence Sydney, Australia
Social Media Instagram: @becky_boston
Known For Wife of Australian cricketer Pat Cummins, Interior Design work
Met Pat Cummins 2013 at a party in Sydney
Engagement February 2020
Wedding Location Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia
Interests Interior design, travel, fashion, cooking, fitness
Philanthropic Work Involved in children’s welfare and environmental causes

Becky Boston’s Background

 Early Life and Education

Becky Boston was born and raised in England, though the exact details of her birthplace remain private. She spent her formative years in the United Kingdom, where she completed her primary and secondary education. While specific information about her educational institutions is not widely available, it is believed that Becky pursued higher education in a field related to her current career.


Professionally, Becky Boston has established herself as an interior designer. Her passion for aesthetics and creating beautiful living spaces has led her to work on various projects, both in Australia and internationally. Becky’s eye for detail and her ability to blend functionality with style have earned her recognition in the design community. While she maintains a relatively low profile regarding her professional achievements, her work speaks for itself through the stunning interiors she creates.

Relationship with Pat Cummins

How They Met

The love story of Becky Boston and Pat Cummins began in 2013 when they crossed paths at a party in Sydney. Pat, who was already making waves in the cricketing world, was instantly smitten by Becky’s charm and wit. Despite Becky’s initial unfamiliarity with cricket, the two found common ground and quickly formed a connection that would blossom into a beautiful relationship.

Dating History

Following their initial meeting, Becky and Pat began dating, keeping their relationship relatively private in the early stages. As Pat’s cricket career soared, Becky stood by his side, offering unwavering support and understanding of the demands of his profession. Their relationship grew stronger over the years, with the couple often spotted together at cricket matches and social events.


After several years of dating, Pat Cummins proposed to Becky Boston in a romantic setting in February 2020. The couple shared their joyous news with fans and well-wishers through social media, with Pat posting a heartwarming photo of the two, showcasing Becky’s stunning engagement ring. The announcement was met with an outpouring of congratulations from fans, fellow cricketers, and celebrities alike.


Becky Boston and Pat Cummins tied the knot on July 30, 2022, in a picturesque ceremony held in Byron Bay, New South Wales. The wedding was an intimate affair, attended by close family, friends, and some of Pat’s cricketing teammates. Becky looked radiant in a custom-designed gown, while Pat cut a dashing figure in a tailored suit. The couple’s nuptials were a perfect blend of elegance and romance, reflecting their personalities and love for each other.

Pat Cummins’s wife photo

Pat Cummins wife

Personal Life

Age and Birthday

While the exact date of Becky Boston’s birth is not publicly disclosed, it is estimated that she was born in the late 1980s or early 1990s. This would put her age somewhere in her early to mid-30s as of 2024. Becky prefers to keep certain personal details private, including her precise age and birthday.


Becky comes from a close-knit family, though she maintains their privacy by rarely sharing details about her parents or siblings. Since marrying Pat Cummins, she has become an integral part of his family as well. The couple welcomed their first child, a son named Albie, on October 8, 2021, adding a new dimension to their family life.

Interests and Hobbies

Beyond her professional pursuits in interior design, Becky Boston has a variety of interests that keep her engaged. She is known to be an avid traveler, often accompanying Pat on his cricket tours and exploring new destinations. Becky also has a keen interest in fashion and is often praised for her impeccable style at public events. Additionally, she enjoys cooking and has shared glimpses of her culinary experiments on social media. Fitness is another area of focus for Becky, who maintains an active lifestyle through yoga and other forms of exercise.

Social Media Presence

Becky Boston maintains an active presence on social media, particularly on Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her life with Pat, her design projects, and her interests. Her Instagram handle @becky_boston has a substantial following, with fans and admirers appreciating her stylish posts and insights into her life. While she is relatively open on this platform, Becky strikes a careful balance between sharing and maintaining privacy, especially when it comes to her family life.

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Pat Cummins’ wife Becky Boston Networth

Aspect Estimated Value Notes
Becky Boston’s Individual Net Worth $300,000 – $500,000 Primarily from her interior design career
Pat Cummins’ Net Worth $30 million – $50 million From cricket contracts, endorsements, and investments
Combined Net Worth $30 million – $50 million Approximate total family net worth
Annual Income (Pat Cummins) $2 million – $5 million Varies based on cricket schedules and endorsement deals
Property Value Multiple properties The exact value undisclosed includes homes in Australia
Luxury Assets High-end vehicles, jewelry Specific details not publicly available
Charitable Donations Undisclosed Both are involved in various philanthropic efforts

Net Worth and Lifestyle

As a successful interior designer and the wife of one of cricket’s top earners, Becky Boston enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. While her individual net worth is not publicly disclosed, it is estimated to be in the range of several hundred thousand dollars, primarily from her design career. Combined with Pat Cummins’ substantial earnings from cricket and endorsements, the couple’s net worth is believed to be in the multi-million dollar range. They own properties in Australia and enjoy a luxurious yet grounded lifestyle, often using their resources for charitable causes.

Contact Information

Due to privacy concerns and their high-profile status, Becky Boston and Pat Cummins do not share their personal contact information publicly. For professional inquiries related to Becky’s interior design work, interested parties are advised to reach out through official channels or her professional website (if available). Fan mail and other communications for the couple are typically handled through Pat’s management team or Cricket Australia.

Pat Cummins: A Brief Overview

To provide context to Becky’s life, it’s important to touch upon her husband’s career. Pat Cummins is one of the world’s premier fast bowlers and has been a key figure in Australian cricket since his debut in 2011. He has served as the captain of the Australian test team and has achieved numerous accolades in his career, including being named the ICC Test Player of the Year. Pat’s success on the field has naturally brought attention to his personal life, including his relationship with Becky.

Their Life Together


The arrival of their son Albie in October 2021 marked a new chapter in Becky and Pat’s life together. Both have embraced parenthood with joy and enthusiasm, often sharing sweet moments with their son on social media. Becky has been open about the challenges and rewards of motherhood, balancing her role as a mother with her career and support for Pat.

 Supporting Pat’s Career

Becky’s support for Pat’s cricketing career has been unwavering. She is often seen cheering from the stands during important matches and has accompanied Pat on numerous international tours. Her understanding of the demands of professional sports and her ability to manage their home life have been crucial in Pat’s continued success on the field.

Public Appearances and Media Coverage

As the wife of a cricketing superstar, Becky Boston has become accustomed to public appearances and media attention. She is often seen at cricket events, award ceremonies, and charity functions, always presenting herself with grace and poise. While she maintains a relatively low profile compared to some cricket WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends), Becky’s elegance and supportive nature have made her a favorite among fans and the media alike.

Philanthropic Efforts

Both Becky and Pat are known for their philanthropic endeavors. They have been involved in various charitable initiatives, particularly those focused on children’s welfare and environmental causes. Becky has used her platform to raise awareness for these issues and has participated in fundraising events alongside her husband.

Future Plans and Aspirations

Looking ahead, Becky Boston continues to focus on her interior design career while supporting Pat’s cricketing journey. The couple has expressed their desire to expand their family in the future, balancing their professional ambitions with their personal life. Becky has also hinted at potential collaborations in the design world and continues to explore opportunities to make a positive impact through their public platform.

Pat Cummins’ wife Becky Boston Social Media And Contact Address

Platform/Contact Details Notes
Instagram @becky_boston An active account with regular updates
Twitter Not available Becky does not maintain a public Twitter account
Facebook Not available No official public Facebook page
LinkedIn Private Professional profile not publicly accessible
Personal Website Not available No known personal or professional website
Business Email Not publicly disclosed For professional inquiries only
Fan Mail Address Care of Cricket Australia<br>60 Jolimont Street<br>Jolimont, VIC 3002<br>Australia For sending fan mail to Becky or Pat
Management Contact Through Pat Cummins’ management team Specific details not publicly available
Public Relations Handled by Cricket Australia


Becky Boston’s journey from an English interior designer to the wife of one of cricket’s biggest stars is a testament to her adaptability and strength of character. While she embraces her role as Pat Cummins’ supportive partner, Becky has maintained her individuality and pursued her own passions. Her grace under the spotlight, commitment to family, and professional accomplishments make her a role model in her own right. As Pat Cummins continues to make waves in the cricketing world, Becky Boston stands beside him as an equal partner, contributing to their shared success story both on and off the field.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: How old is Becky Boston?

A1: While the exact age of Becky Boston is not publicly disclosed, it is estimated that she was born in the late 1980s or early 1990s, making her in her early to mid-30s as of 2024.

Q2: What does Becky Boston do for a living?

A2: Becky Boston is a professional interior designer. She has worked on various projects in Australia and internationally, creating beautiful living spaces with her keen eye for aesthetics and functionality.

Q3: When did Becky Boston and Pat Cummins get married?

A3: Becky Boston and Pat Cummins got married on July 30, 2022, in a beautiful ceremony held in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

Q4: Do Becky Boston and Pat Cummins have children?

A4: Yes, Becky and Pat have a son named Albie, born on October 8, 2021.