Jelly Roll Wife Bunny Deford Age Biography and Net worth

Jelly Roll Wife Bunny Deford

Jelly Roll’s wife Bunny Deford is a famous woman. In this post, we will try to present all the information about Jelly Roll’s wife Bunny Deford to you.

Jelly Roll‘s wife Bunny Deford is an ordinary beautiful woman. Jelly Roll’s wife Bunny Deford’s age has not yet been revealed, but the two tied the knot in 2016. They now have a daughter and a son. Currently, Jelly Roll’s wife Bunny Deford’s income is $4M. Jelly Roll wife Bunny Deford brings you all the information and tasks

Bunny DeFord is known for being the wife of famous American rapper and songwriter Jelly Roll. Not much is publicly known about Bunny herself, as she tends to keep a low profile. However, here is some background information on Jelly Roll’s mysterious spouse Bunny DeFord.

Bunny DeFord’s Age

Bunny DeFord’s exact age and birthday are not clear. Sources estimate that she is likely in her 30s as of 2023. She is a few years younger than her husband Jelly Roll, who was born in 1987 and is currently 36 years old.

Biography and Background

Not much is publicly documented about Bunny DeFord’s early life and upbringing. Based on some posts, it appears she was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. She seems to have had an interest in music from a young age. DeFord has generally preferred to stay out of the spotlight and has not shared many details about her background. She seems to lead a relatively private life outside of her husband’s public music career.

Relationship with Jelly Roll

Bunny DeFord and Jelly Roll have been together for over a decade now. They began dating sometime around 2010. After several years together, Jelly Roll proposed to Bunny in Las Vegas in 2019.

The couple has talked about their strong connection and similar difficult upbringings. They both had challenging early life experiences but found stability and comfort in their relationship. In 2022, Jelly Roll released a song titled “Bunny” expressing his love and appreciation for his wife. They do not have any children together at this time.


Jelly Roll Wife Bunny Deford Biography 

Full Name

Bunny Deford

Nick Name


Profession Modeling
Height in cm & m 5fit 8 inches
Weight in kg 55kg
Hair Color Black
Date of birth USA
Birth Place USA
Religion name Christian
College / University USA 

Jelly Roll Wife Bunny Deford Photo 


Jelly Roll Wife

Jelly Roll Wife Bunny Deford Information

Nationality USA
Net worth 4m$ Monthly
Father name Not Share
Mother Name Not Share
Brother name Not Share

Husband Name

Jelly Roll

Marital status Marred
Marriage Date 2016
Baby/Children 2
Age 28

Jelly Roll Wife Bunny Deford Favorites Things

Hobbies Modeling
Favorite Movie The Creator
Favorite TV shows Billions
Favorite Food Pasta 
Favorite Color white And Green 
Favorite Pets Dog
Favorite Books:  lover book 

Bunny DeFord’s Net Worth

There are no public estimates on Bunny DeFord’s net worth or career history. As she tends to avoid the spotlight, details on her assets and income sources are unknown. Her net worth is likely connected in part to that of her successful musician husband. Jelly Roll has an estimated net worth of around $1 million as of 2023. However, Bunny may also have separate income streams that remain private.

Monthly Net Worth  1M$ 
Yearly  Net Worth  48 Milion $
Husband Net Worth  25Milion $ 
Total Net Worth  500 Milion $
Net Worth  600$M

In summary, while little is confirmed about Jelly Roll’s long-time wife, she continues to be an important part of the artist’s personal life away from his growing fame. Their relationship shows no signs of slowing even after over a decade together.  If you want to know the Biography and income of the wife of a more famous person, Then you can see Jalen Hurts Wife and all the information presented here.