Assistant Teacher Job Circular 2024

Assistant Teacher Job Circular 2024
Department of Education announces the job circular for Assistant Teacher 2024, an all-Bangladesh recruitment drive for placing assistant teachers in the available posts in schools under the organization. The recruiting targets this project to be full of amazing people who are committed and zealously extricate their academic contribution to future generations. An aide or assistant teacher is an irreplaceable role in the education system. They must support one another and advance complementary learning. Assisting teachers are in the leading pack of the teaching staff, where they together with the lead teachers offer important assistance making the environment suitable for the student.

About the Position

This Assistant Teacher Job Circular for 2024 creates the prospect of hiring qualified personnel who are keen to practice selflessness in molding the students to success.

Job Responsibilities

  • Guide lead teachers in creating and executing a course of action.
  • Create an environment where students with more academic challenges have the opportunity to connect with tutors who can help them reach their full potential.
  • It is important to create a safe and organized learning environment so that students are not distracted from learning.
  • Watch over the student progress, report to lead teachers, and respond to teachers’ feedback regularly.
  • Follow lessons & join the extra-curricular team/field trips during vacations.
  • Fulfill assigned duties such as functions as assigned by the lead teacher or school administration.


  • Bachelor’s degree in the field of Education or a related field.
  • Proof of successful work experience with young people at education facilities (preferable)
  • Well-developed about the improvement of communication together with interpersonal ones.
  • Patience, the ability to think creatively, and a high level of empathy towards students are the main quality requirements for the role of a teacher.
  • The availability of systems that are capable of working with such educational technology and multimedia tools should not be relied on as a guarantee.
  • Employee training and development is a constant process where the workers receive on-the-job training and develop their smart creative skills to enable them to perform to the best of their abilities.

Application Process

If you have the accordance qualifications and also love teaching, then these steps can be the beginning of a rewarding job as an assistant teacher according to Assistant Teacher Job Circular 2024.

Assistant Teacher Job Circular 2024 Image 

Assistant Teacher Job Circular 2024

Assistant Teacher Job Circular

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Required Documents

  • Form of admission (you can find it on the Department of the Education website)
  • In addition to the new curriculum vitae (CV) or resume.
  • Certified replicas of these academic grades and revolutionary diplomas.
  • Two recent passport-size photographs
  • Document reference of teaching experience (if any).
  • Any other important annexes to back it up?

Application Deadline

we are accepting application submissions. The deadline set is non-exclusive and strictly enforced, submissions later than the deadline date will be rejected. This application set is designed to enable eligible candidates to submit their applications in ample time, and last-minute hiccups are minimized by that.

Selection Procedure

The selection process for the post of Assistant Teacher in the Job Circular 2024 will be done following due course of equity and transparency, ensuring that the most suitable candidates are selected. Aptitude and general awareness written exam will be given to the remaining candidates and will check their knowledge of subjects, teaching abilities, and their general awareness level. The examination comprises multiple-choice questions and essay-type questions.

Viva Voce

A written examination will be passed by the ones who will succeed. Those individuals will be invited for the viva voce (personal interview). The evaluation is a complex process in which the interview panel determines all the candidates’ communication skills, problem-solving, as well as their general match to the position.

Benefits and Opportunities

Such candidates are likely to enjoy a broad spectrum of employment advantages in the education sector as well as the possibilities of further advancement in their professional lives.

Salary and Incentives

A competitive salary is struck down according to the applicant’s skills and experience. The salary development and personal reward schemes are based on results. Access to different allowances and benefits (for example medical, residential, or transportation) will be a positive thing.

Professional Development

  • Regular training and workshops to enhance teaching skills and subject knowledge
  • Opportunities for career advancement within the education system
  • Support for pursuing higher education and professional certifications


This job opening for 2024 Assistant Teacher, offered by us, connects those who are fervent about education and dedicated to the vital challenge of shaping the minds of our little learners. As one of the assistants for the enlivening squad of teachers, you have a big chance to contribute to making our country’s youth realize their true potential shape. In case you have the required qualifications and sincere motivation to do the job that can bring a positive impact in your community, we suggest you send us your application for this vacant position in the organization. Together we can provide a learning environment that will support our growth, provoke our curiosity, and give us the basis for success. For more details, guidelines, and the latest updates, kindly visit the Education Department’s official website or contact the authorized officials.