Who Is David Hasselhoff’s Wife? All About Hayley Roberts

Hayley Roberts
David Hasselhoff, the international star and singer mostly known for his work in “Knight Rider” and “Baywatch,” has been with his wife, Hayley Roberts, since they wedded in 2018. While there is more than a 25-year age gap between her husband and herself, Roberts is being scrutinized by fans and mass media as one of the most famous wives of all time. In this piece, we focus on Hayley Roberts alongside her connections to David Hasselhoff and their shared future.
Early Life and Career

Early Life and Career

Hayley Roberts was the one who in 1980 originated from Glynneath, Wales on 26th March. Big Hartsheath, where her parents owned a neighborhood store, was the town she thrived in since young. Roberts always had this interest in modeling since her adolescence and participated in several beauty competitions while she was a teenager.
Then she attended college and decided to enter the modeling world where she took part in quite a couple of commercials and spread photographs. Nevertheless, her big hit came after she was hired to participate in the reality TV show “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2012, where she wore her versatile skills as a model and performer.

Hayley Roberts Biography

Bio Data
Full Name Hayley Roberts
Birth Date March 26, 1980
Birth Place Glynneath, Wales
Age 43 years old
Profession Model, TV Personality
Spouse David Hasselhoff (m. 2018)
Children None

Meeting David Hasselhoff

Roberts first encountered David Hasselhoff in 2011 when she went to his concert at the fountain square in Cardiff, Wales. It was back then that Hasselhoff was at the end of his marriage to his second wife Pamela Bach and Roberts was a sales assistant at a local store.
Robert’s lady in red quoted, that she was already pointed on the way to his way of life by Hasselhoff. The contiguity of their conversation became real to Hasselhoff, who also found Roberts’s beauty and temperament fascinating.

Their Marriage

Following an impossibly romantic affair, the lovebirds got engaged in 2016 and thereafter they got married at a grand wedding in Italy in August 2018. “The” celebration was by all friends and families of the couple, the joining of which includes the two daughters from the marriage of Mr. Hasselhoff, Taylor Ann, and Hayley.
In the face of an age gap of 27 years, they hardly ever stop expressing their tightness as a couple and the undeterred love between the couple. “Knight Rider” co-star has publically praised “Baywatch”‘s actress for such important qualities as an always strong stand and overcoming also life obstacles, for example, Mr. Hasselhoff’s issue with alcohol consumption.

Hayley Roberts Photo 

Hayley Roberts


Family Life

After the marriage to Hasselhoff the couple was blessed with a happy marital life for some time During such period, they would seldomly spend some time in their LA and German houses. The last one is their biggest fan base in Germany.
Even though they are childless with one another, Roberts is a most ardent stepmother in taking care of Hasselhoff’s daughters from his previous marriage. The family often have an enjoyable time together with precious moments and even vacations together giving proof that they are a tight-knit family.

Public Appearances and Brand Endorsements

Because Hayley Roberts became Mr. David Hasselhoff’s wife, she was exposed to lots of the media and they made several public outings together, which attracted a lot of media attention. They have been there at a lot of red carpet events, movie premieres, as well as honorary functions with the cameras never forgetting to catch them in these loving side hugs.
The best thing about the case is that she started a brand endorsement and collaborations, tapping into the existing fame and connection with the Hasselhoff name. Together with these brands, she has created a personalized campaign for their fashion and lifestyle products, which could be further promoted on social networks and at events.

Charity Work

While most people would simply jump on the opportunities that Hasselhoff has, these two artists have been actively involved in pretty much any charitable endeavor. They have been championing start-ups aiming at such organizations that support the rights of children, environmental conservation, and protection of customer’s pets.
In Germany alone, both hosted a charity event at the end of 2019 to collect funds and donate personal belongings and memorabilia that Hasselhoff amassed during his remarkable career to a children’s hospital.

Controversies and Legal Issues

While the arc of their relationship has predominantly been about laudation, they have not shied away from media for certain rifts and legal hurdles.
In the year 2017, Roberts got arrested for driving under the influence when there was a minor car accident, and he became the person responsible for that situation. On the other hand, she later pleaded no contest and was given bans and community services as punishment.
Also, the talk is on together with the couple’s prenup where some sources suggest that exactly Roberts may not be able to gain a big part of Hasselhoff’s wealth in case of any divorce

Net Worth

Hayley Roberts’ swell is not known but the estimated net worth of her husband, David Hasselhoff, is about 10 million dollars. Huge financial wealth has been accumulated by him simply by being a prolific actor and a musician over a long period.
Because she has a husband as wealthy as Hasselhoff, it is expected that she will enjoy a decent lifestyle as well as the privilege of gaining control of her husband’s wealth and resources. On the other side, the precise monetary issues and the provision of a pre-nuptial agreement between them did not become public.

Net Worth Source


Personal Net Worth $1 million (estimated)
Husband’s Net Worth $10 million
Combined Net Worth $11 million (estimated)


The Lady’s life got a new, unexpected turn as soon as she met and married the widow: David Hasselhoff. The actress, who started at the bottom as a young girl in a small town in Wales, and then became the life partner of one of America’s most famous personalities, has learned how to move forward through the maze of faces that fame brings.
Although people might have raised eyebrows seeing the big age gap, their controversial matters from time to time, they are tilling their soil as a couple and they are sticking to their love. Navigating the complications of the Hollywood marriage will mean that the audience and the viewers alike take their side and will keep following their life’s journey for a while.