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Denny crum wife

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Denny Crum’s wife is Susan Sweeney Crum. They have been married since 1962. Denny Crum, the renowned American basketball coach, has been supported by his wife, Susan Sweeney Crum, throughout his successful career. The couple tied the knot in 1962 and has since shared a loving and enduring partnership. Denny Crum is best known for his tenure as the head coach of the University of Louisville men’s basketball team, leading them to numerous victories and two NCAA championships.

Credited for his exceptional coaching skills, Crum’s accomplishments on the court are also a testament to the unwavering support he receives from his wife, Susan. Together, they have weathered the challenges and triumphs of a legendary coaching career, making them an admirable duo in the world of sports.

Susan Sweeney 

Denny Crum’s Wife  Susan Sweeney Crum is primarily known for her career in journalism and broadcasting. She is a journalist and television anchor who has worked in the Louisville, Kentucky area. One of her notable roles was as an anchor for WHAS 11, a local television station in Louisville. During her time there, she covered a wide range of news stories, including local events, politics, and community issues.

Susan Sweeney Crum was recognized for her contributions to journalism and the community, and she has received awards for her work. However, specific details about her early life, education, and personal background may not be widely available in the public domain.

The Early Days Of Romance

Denny Crum met his wife in their childhood, igniting a promising courtship that blossomed over time. They shared interests and explored their passions together, creating a strong bond.

Denny crum wife

A Lifelong Partnership

Denny Crum’s wife has been his lifelong partner, standing by his side through all the ups and downs. Their relationship has endured the test of time. In the fast-paced basketball world, they face challenges together, supporting each other’s dreams and aspirations.

They have formed a strong bond, unruffled by the demands of the game. Their love and support for one another have been evident throughout their journey. They have overcome obstacles as a team and celebrated successes as a united front. Their partnership serves as a reminder that sustaining relationships in a fast-paced world is possible with love, dedication, and unwavering support. Denny Crum and his wife are a true testament to what it means to be in a lifelong partnership.

The Inseparable Duo

Denny Crum’s wife was his rock, contributing and sacrificing behind the scenes. They celebrated victories together and overcame defeats as a united couple. Her pivotal role in his successful coaching career cannot be overstated. She provided unwavering support, stood by his side through thick and thin, and played an instrumental part in helping him achieve his goals.

Together, they formed an inseparable duo, their bond strengthening with each challenge faced. Their partnership was built on love, trust, and a shared passion for the game. While Denny Crum may have been the face of the team, his wife was the backbone, the silent force that propelled him to greatness. Their story exemplifies the power of a strong partnership and the incredible impact a supportive spouse can have on a person’s success.

Denny Crum’s Wife Susan Sweeney Biography

Full Name Susan Sweeney
Nickname Susan
Date of Birth 22nd January 1945
Birth Place United States
Age 79
Sun Sign Aquarius
Nationality American
Sexuality Straight
Occupation Journalist
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Husband Denny Crum
Children None
Marital Status Widow
Marriage Date 9th June 2001
Net Worth Under Review
Social Media Presence None
Last Updated  Today 

Denny Crum’s Wife  Susan Sweeney Age and Height

Denny Crum’s wife and journalism and broadcaster  Susan Sweeney was born on 22nd January 1945 in the USA. She is 79 years old and was born under the sun sign Aquarius.

Denny Crum’s Wife Susan Sweeney  Physical Stats

Height In feet: 5 feet 8 inches
Eye Colour: Black
Hair Colour: Black
Centimeters Centimeters: 170 cm
Weight kilograms (approx.) : 70 kg approx
Weight pounds (approx.) : 142ibs
Body Figure Measurements (approx.) 43-30-43
Hair Style Simple


Denny Crum’s Wife  Susan Sweeney’s Net Worth

Susan Sweeney’s net worth is not disclosed yet. It is because she hasn’t shared financial information with the public.

” Yet, Susan will be $80 million richer than her actual net worth as her husband has left all this net worth to her. “

Life Beyond Basketball

Denny Crum’s wife has found a fulfilling life beyond basketball, embracing retirement and new beginnings. Together, they have discovered the power of togetherness, relishing in life’s adventures. Whether it be traveling to exotic destinations or pursuing new hobbies, they cherish every moment spent together.

Furthermore, the couple shares a deep passion for philanthropy, using their resources and influence to give back to the community. This shared interest has become an integral part of their lives, providing purpose and fulfillment. They believe in the importance of helping others and actively seek opportunities to make a positive impact. Denny Crum and his wife have truly embraced life beyond basketball, finding joy in each other’s company and making a difference in the world around them.

Frequently Asked Questions For Denny Crum’s Wife

Is Denny Crum Still Married?

Yes, Denny Crum is still married.

Who Is Denny Crum’s First Wife?

Denny Crum’s first wife was Susan Sweeney Crum.

How Long Was Denny Crum Married To His Second Wife?

Denny Crum was married to his second wife for? Years.

What Happened To Coach Crum?

Coach Crum’s current whereabouts and status are unknown, and there is no available information about what happened to him.


Denny Crum’s wife has played an essential role in his personal and professional life. Her unwavering support and love have undoubtedly contributed to his success as a renowned basketball coach. As a devoted partner and mother, she has been the backbone of their family, creating a nurturing and stable environment.

Her involvement in community service and charitable endeavors highlights her kind-hearted nature and willingness to make a difference in the lives of others. Beyond being recognized as the dedicated wife of Denny Crum, she stands as an epitome of grace, strength, and resilience.

  • Her journey alongside Denny is a testament to the power of unwavering love and the impact a supportive spouse can have on someone’s accomplishments. Through her selflessness and dedication, she has left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who know her and continues to inspire many.

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