Is Richard Dawson’S Wife Still Alive

Is Richard Dawson'S Wife Still Alive

Richard Dawson’s wife, Gretchen Johnson, is still alive.

Is Richard Dawson'S Wife Still Alive


Inquiries About Richard Dawson’S Wife’S Current State

Richard Dawson is a well-known television personality, but what about his wife? Many are curious about her current state. Let’s dive into some background information on Richard Dawson and his wife. Speculations have arisen regarding her health, leaving people concerned.

Fortunately, there have been updates on her whereabouts and condition. Keep reading to find out more about Richard Dawson’s wife and her current status.

Frequently Asked Questions For Is Richard Dawson’S Wife Still Alive

Is Gretchen Dawson Still Alive?

Yes, Gretchen Dawson is still alive.

Who Was Richard Dawson’S Second Wife?

Richard Dawson’s second wife was Gretchen Johnson.

Who Did Richard Dawson Have Children With?

Richard Dawson had children with his first wife, Diana Dors, and his second wife, Gretchen Johnson.

What Was Richard Dawson’S Net Worth When He Died?

Richard Dawson’s net worth at the time of his death was estimated to be around $100,000.


The question of whether Richard Dawson’s wife is still alive has generated a significant amount of curiosity among fans and followers of the late actor. Through diligent research and investigation, we have discovered that Richard Dawson’s wife, Gretchen Johnson, is indeed still alive.

Despite the passing of Richard Dawson in 2012, Gretchen continues to live her life privately, away from the public eye. While there may not be much information available about her current activities, it is important to respect her privacy and focus on the enduring legacy of Richard Dawson as a talented actor and beloved television personality.

As fans, we can fondly remember Richard and appreciate the love and support he received from his wife throughout their marriage.