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Brittany Williams, born on November 25, 1994, in Fresno, California, is a former college athlete and the ex-girlfriend of Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. Growing up in a family with a strong athletic background, Brittany excelled in basketball and volleyball during her high school years.

After graduating from Firebaugh High School, Brittany pursued her passion for sports at Fresno State University, where she played volleyball for the Fresno State Bulldogs. Her dedication and skills on the court earned her recognition as a valuable player on the team.

Josh Allen’s Wife Biography 

Detail Description
Full Name Brittany Williams
Date of Birth November 25, 1994
Age 28 years old
Birthplace Fresno, California, USA
Education Fresno State University
Sports Volleyball (College Athlete)
Hometown Firebaugh, California


Brittany Williams is currently 28 years old. She was born in 1994, just a year before her former boyfriend, Josh Allen, who was born in 1996.

Relation with Josh Allen

Brittany Williams and Josh Allen have known each other since their childhood days, growing up in the same small town of Firebaugh, California. Their relationship blossomed into a romantic one in 2017 when Allen was a quarterback at the University of Wyoming.

As Allen’s NFL career took off after being drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 2018, Williams remained a constant support system, accompanying him to New York. Their relationship withstood the challenges of a long-distance lifestyle, with Williams frequently traveling to be by Allen’s side during his football season.

However, after nearly six years together, the couple decided to part ways in 2023, citing personal reasons for their split. Brittany Williams has since deleted all traces of her relationship with Josh Allen from her social media accounts, signaling a clean break.

Dating History

Before her relationship with Josh Allen, not much is known about Brittany Williams’ dating history. The small-town girl from Firebaugh seemed to have found her soulmate early on in Allen, and their relationship was the focus of public attention.

Timeline Relationship Status
Childhood – 2017 Single
2017 – 2023 Dated Josh Allen
2023 – Present Single (After splitting from Josh Allen)

After their highly publicized breakup in 2023, it was reported that Josh Allen had moved on and started dating actress Hailee Steinfeld. However, there have been no reports of Brittany Williams being involved with anyone else since her split from the Buffalo Bills quarterback.

Net Worth

While Brittany Williams’ exact net worth is not publicly disclosed, it is safe to assume that her years as a dedicated college athlete and her association with Josh Allen, a highly-paid NFL star, have contributed to her financial stability.

As a former Division I volleyball player at Fresno State University, Brittany likely received athletic scholarships and other forms of financial aid to support her education and athletic endeavors. Additionally, during her relationship with Josh Allen, who signed a six-year, $258 million contract extension with the Buffalo Bills in 2022, it is reasonable to assume that Brittany may have benefited from Allen’s substantial wealth, further bolstering her net worth.

Josh Allen’s Wife  Net Worth

Source Estimated Net Worth
College Athletic Scholarships Undisclosed
Relationship with Josh Allen Potentially Benefited from His Wealth
Current Profession/Investments Unknown
Approximate Net Worth $500,000 – $1 Million (Estimated)

However, without specific details about her current professional pursuits or investments, it is difficult to provide an accurate estimate of Brittany Williams’ net worth.

Josh Allen Wife Brittany Williams

  1. Small-Town Roots: Brittany Williams and Josh Allen share a unique connection as they both hail from the small town of Firebaugh, California, with a population of just over 8,000 people. Their hometown roots have played a significant role in shaping their journey together.
  2. College Sweethearts: While Josh Allen’s football career was taking off at the University of Wyoming, Brittany Williams was simultaneously pursuing her athletic dreams as a volleyball player at Fresno State University. Their relationship blossomed during this time, highlighting their shared passion for sports and dedication to their respective athletic endeavors.
  3. Long-Distance Relationship: Despite the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship, with Josh Allen’s NFL commitments in Buffalo and Brittany’s own pursuits, the couple managed to make it work for several years. Their willingness to navigate the obstacles of a demanding professional sports lifestyle showcased the strength of their bond.
  4. Supportive Partner: Throughout Josh Allen’s meteoric rise in the NFL, Brittany Williams remained a constant source of support and encouragement. She was frequently spotted cheering him on from the stands, celebrating his successes, and providing a stable foundation off the field.
  5. Amicable Separation: While breakups in the public eye can often be messy and acrimonious, Brittany Williams and Josh Allen seemed to have parted ways on relatively amicable terms. The absence of any public mudslinging or accusations from either side suggests a level of maturity and respect for one another, even as their relationship comes to an end.
  6. Private Life: Despite the spotlight on her former relationship with Josh Allen, Brittany Williams has managed to maintain a relatively private life away from the media glare. Little is known about her current pursuits or personal life, which speaks to her ability to navigate the public scrutiny that often accompanies high-profile relationships.

Brittany Williams’ journey from a small-town girl to the partner of an NFL superstar and back to a life beyond the spotlight is a testament to her resilience and adaptability. While her relationship with Josh Allen may have ended, her story serves as an inspiration for those navigating the complexities of modern relationships and personal growth.

Frequently Asked Questions On Josh Allen’s Wife

Who Is Josh Allen’s New Gf?

Josh Allen’s new girlfriend’s identity has not been publicly disclosed at this time.

Did Josh Allen Get Married?

Yes, Josh Allen got married.

Does Josh Allen Have A Wife And Children?

Josh Allen’s personal life remains private, and he hasn’t publicly disclosed whether he has a wife or children.

Does Josh Allen Want To Marry Hailee Steinfeld?

There is no evidence to suggest that Josh Allen wants to marry Hailee Steinfeld.


To sum it up, Josh Allen’s wife has played a significant role in his life, offering constant support and love. They make a beautiful and strong couple, both on and off the field. From their journey together, it’s evident that their bond continues to grow stronger with each passing day. With her by his side, there’s no doubt that their love story will continue to inspire and captivate fans around the world. If you want to know the Biography and income of the wife of a more famous person, Then you can see David Miller’s Wife and all the information presented here.