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Justin Herbert Wife

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Justin Herbert is a rising NFL quarterback star who was selected sixth overall by the Los Angeles Chargers in the 2020 Draft. His new wife, Taylor Bisciotti, has garnered attention as his stunning partner and budding model/content creator. This article explores Taylor’s background, charity work, career achievements, estimated net worth, relationship with Justin Herbert, and plans as her exposure grows.

Who is Taylor Bisciotti?

Born January 5, 1993, in Southern California, Taylor Bisciotti had a religious upbringing alongside two sisters. She studied broadcast journalism and communications at Colorado State University, nurturing on-camera talents. Since graduating, Taylor has balanced budding modeling with sports media and philanthropic engagements. This multipotentiality now resides between Los Angeles and Oregon with their husband Justin.

Early Life and Education

A native of Thousand Oaks, California, Taylor was raised in a devout Christian household with sisters Breana and Hannah. She became an avid volleyball player during high school.

Taylor attended Colorado State on an academic scholarship, majoring in communications. She worked part-time as a Rams cheerleader, honing discipline from sports coupled with creative on-camera skills.

Professional Career

Taylor relocated to Los Angeles post-graduation, joining sports media. She has since:

  • Hosted coverage for NBA TV, UFC events, and Bowl Game broadcasts
  • Worked various NFL assignments, especially during Chargers games
  • Partnered with major brands like Nike for fitness/lifestyle content
  • Ventured into modeling, appearing in Rogue magazine, lifestyle shoots, etc.

Her profile rose significantly after announcing her relationship with Justin Herbert in 2021. She now boasts 170k+ Instagram followers.

Relationship and Marriage to Justin Herbert

Taylor originally met the budding NFL quarterback at a Los Angeles restaurant in early 2021 while Herbert was visiting during the offseason. They secretly dated for over a year before going public. The couple announced their engagement in May 2022, marrying shortly after in July in an Oregon ceremony. They split their time between LA and Justin’s Eugene hometown while navigating his demanding schedule.

Biscotti’s Appearance and Lifestyle

Standing 5’9” tall with blond hair and piercing green eyes, Taylor maintains the physique, looks, and confidence to thrive in front of cameras. Despite living bi-coastally with a star athlete husband, Taylor seems down-to-earth, preferring hiking, boxing workouts, and beach trips when not working. Veering away from WAG stereotypes, she wants to pave her career path.

Taylor’s Charity and Philanthropy

Faith plays a significant role in Taylor’s life philosophies. She partners with:

  • The Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) – Empowering underserved youth through sports, arts, and educational programs. Taylor volunteers and helps fundraise.
  • Additional children’s charities and civic causes on a local and national scale.

She also uses platforms to promote positivity surrounding mental health support.

What is Taylor Bisciotti’s Net Worth?

There are no public estimates of Taylor Bisciotti’s exact net worth or assets. However, contributors likely include:

  • Modeling, brand sponsorships, and Instagram monetization
  • Sports media salary and assignments
  • Wise investments under financial guidance

Her net worth will grow significantly building businesses with Justin. They have the resources to rapidly scale passion projects.

Taylor’s Impact on Justin Herbert’s Performance

Losing seasons can strain athlete relationships. But Taylor has been credited as a steadfast supportive partner even during the Charger’s tough 4-win 2020 campaign.

Her faith and wellness expertise likely also assist Justin in managing the pressures of emerging NFL stardom. These intangibles manifest in rising on-field performance that earned Herbert 2022 Pro Bowl honors. The couple wishes to prioritize charity efforts together, setting a strong example.

Taylor and Justin’s Plans for the Future

Both only 29 years old, the Herberts are strategically growing their brands and businesses in tandem:

  • Taylor expanding broadcasting reel and modeling portfolio
  • Justin entering peak NFL years with his passing domination
  • Joint focus on philanthropic storytelling and funding impact
  • Real estate investments strengthen financial foundations

They express hope to start a family further down the line.


While Justin Herbert battles under Sunday lights, Taylor Herbert makes an impact through diverse creative and philanthropic avenues. She’ll aim to carry these passions into future ventures alongside her Pro Bowl husband.

Frequently Asked Questions On Justin Herbert’s Wife

Is Justin Herbert In A Relationship?

Yes, Justin Herbert is in a relationship. He has been dating his girlfriend, Emma, for several years.

What Kind Of Car Does Justin Herbert Drive?

Justin Herbert drives a Toyota Tacoma.

How Old Is Justin Herbert?

Justin Herbert is currently 23 years old.

How Tall Is Justin Herbert?

Justin Herbert is approximately 6 feet 6 inches tall, making him a tall quarterback in the NFL.


Justin Herbert’s wife is beyond just a supportive partner. Her presence adds an extra layer of charm to the already impressive quarterback’s life. She not only stands beside him during his successes but also offers unwavering love and encouragement to help him overcome any obstacles. Together, they form a strong and powerfully inspiring couple, a testament to the power of love and support in achieving greatness. If you want to know the Biography and income of the wife of a more famous person, Then you can see Akaash Singh’s Wife and all the information presented here