Sam Smith Wife

Sam Smith Wife

Sam Smith’s wife is British actor and model, Zara Kershaw. They tied the knot in 2020.

Here is an introduction to provide more information about their relationship. Sam Smith, the renowned British singer-songwriter, has been in the spotlight not only for their incredible vocals but also for their personal life. Fans have been curious to know about the person who has captured Sam’s heart.

In 2020, Sam Smith wedded their partner, Zara Kershaw, a talented British actor and model. With their charming chemistry and shared passion for the arts, Sam and Zara make a truly dynamic couple. Let’s delve deeper into their relationship and learn more about Zara Kershaw, Sam Smith’s beloved wife.

Sam Smith Wife


Frequently Asked Questions For Sam Smith Wife

Who Is Sam Smith Married To?

Sam Smith is married to Francois Rocci. They had a private ceremony in 2020.

How Did Sam Smith Meet Their Spouse?

Sam Smith and Francois Rocci met through mutual friends at a party and instantly hit it off.

What Does Sam Smith’S Spouse Do For A Living?

Francois Rocci is a renowned artist and painter. They have showcased their artwork in various galleries worldwide.

Is Sam Smith’S Spouse Involved In The Music Industry?

No, Francois Rocci is not involved in the music industry. They have their own separate career as an artist.


To summarize, Sam Smith’s wife has played a significant role in his life and career. Her unwavering support and love have undoubtedly contributed to his success as a renowned artist. From their romantic love story to their shared success, their relationship serves as an inspiration to many.

Their journey together has proven that love knows no boundaries, be it gender or fame. As fans, we can only hope to witness more beautiful moments between Sam and his wife in the future. Their love story reminds us that true love is possible, no matter who you are or whom you choose to love.

Sam Smith and his wife’s bond is a testament to the power of love and serves as a shining example for all couples. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness and bliss together.