Gina Sasso And Viviane De Sousa Thomas Ford Wife

Thomas Ford Wife

Mr Tom Ford, one of the most prominent industrialists and philanthropists of his time, married twice but had some difficulties in his matrimonial life. First, it was Gina Sasso, she is a fashion designer. The second was Viviane de Sousa, who is a Brazilian actress and model. Both women have affected the life of Ford on both personal and professional levels. Since then they are objects for numerous op-eds and speculations.

Gina Sasso: Thomas Ford’s First Wife

Gina Sasso Biography  
Full Name Gina Sasso
Date of Birth 1975
Birthplace New York City
Education Fashion Institute of Technology
Profession Fashion Designer
Marriage to Thomas Ford 2001-2010

Early Life and Background

The fact that Gina Sasso was born in New York City in the year 1975 to parents of Italian descent is quite important in her work. She was raised in a middle-class family, but from the very beginning, she discovered a love for fashion in herself. Following graduation, her journey took a new turn when she founded her own brand which soon proved to be successful in the fashion sector.

Marriage to Thomas Ford

In 2001, Gina Sasso found herself at a local event in New York City and happened to meet Thomas Ford. The couple immediately clicked, and it took them one year to round up their visiting friends and relatives for a lavish wedding ceremony in Italy, Tuscany. Sasso was famous for her appreciation of fashion and she teamed up with Ford who was an executive at a luxury goods firm. Together they produced a variety of successful luxury handbags and accessory lines.

Tommy Ford’s Wife Gina Sasso Networth And Kids

Gina Sasso Networth and Kids  
Estimated Net Worth $20 million
Children None

Divorce and Aftermath

Yet, the marriage involved many problems too. Continuously coming across rumors of infidelity and being under extreme work / professional stress led to the couple’s divorce in 2010. There was a lot of publicity about the break, and everybody kept an eye on both sides trying to speculate what was happening. Sasso followed up her career in fashion design whereas Ford became absorbed into business and charity.

Viviane de Sousa: Thomas Ford’s Second Wife

Viviane de Sousa Biography  
Full Name Viviane de Sousa
Date of Birth 1982
Birthplace Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Education N/A
Profession Model, Actress
Marriage to Thomas Ford 2013-present

Early Life and Background

Viviane Sousa was a Brazilian born in 1982 in Rio de Janeiro. With a middle-class upbringing Teal grew up in her there was one act that she has that of hers was to modeling and acting from an early age. Next, de Sousa triumphed in a local beauty pageant, after which she moved to the US, where she hoped to scale to the top as a model who is set to conquer the world of acting.

Tommy Ford’s Wife Viviane de Sousa Networth And Kids

Viviane de Sousa Networth and Kids  
Estimated Net Worth $5 million
Children 1

Relationship and Marriage to Thomas Ford

In early 2012, Viviane de Sousa was at a charity function held in New York City. It was the time when she came face to face with Thomas Ford. The moment they met, something magical clicked between them, and soon, the ring was on the finger of the engaged woman. She got married to her boyfriend even it was back in 2013, in a private ceremony at the Hampton’s. Their wedding was tremendously covered by the press.

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Current Status and Relationship

They have maintained an inferior social status in the immediate time since their marriage and are quiet about their private life. But they also appear to be together at different charitable events or work on several projects that are dedicated to the purpose such as a foundation committed to helping the poor children in Brazil. The fact that the couple has a strong relationship and they’ve managed to stay away from the kind of public scrutiny which Gina Sasso and Thomas Ford faced while still getting married, shows that this couple has every chance of a successful marriage.

Comparison and Contrasts between the Two Wives

Gina Sasso and Viviane de Sousa are typical representatives of two very contrasting women who are an integral part of Thomas Ford’s picture. Sam Sasso, the fashion designer from New York whom Ford got married to initially and shared his partner role in the business. Diva is a Danish model who has been Ford’s first and ex-wife. End of story. However, the ex-wife’s story has not ended yet. Her current husband is a Brazilian actress and model.

The sources of admission to social work of these two women is a very crucial difference that can be singled out. Sasso with his Italian roots and upbringing in the United States had a great fashion sense that led him to pick up jobs in the industry, making him an important figure in the American fashion industry. Veronica, of Brazilian origin and established as a model and actress, intends to present a fresh perspective when she makes herself known to the kind-hearted young person.

Along with these differences, another idea was how the two marriages were received by society in general. The divorce of Sasso and Ford was publicly exposed and created huge media coverage, compared to de Sousa and Ford’s marriage which was relatively low-key and had little/no spectacular scandals.
These women, however, have occupied a position in the formation of Thomas Ford’s life and career, however, they stayed different sets of characters. Sasso’s contribution can be recognized from their partnership that resulted in a joint fashion project, whereas de Sousa was involved in charitable startups by Ford hence, amplified his aim and achievement.


The life stories of Gina Sasso and Viviane de Sousa, Mr. Thomas Ford’s two wives, presented how plural and colorful this kind of relationship may be especially in the public arena. Despite inconsequential variations in their matrimonies and ways, each of them, however, has authored the legacy of Ford there. Now that Ford has survived through the toughest times in life it is going to be exciting to see how he goes about forming the new chapter of his life by changing his way of thinking and operating in life.


Who is Gina Sasso?

Gina Sasso is Thomas Ford’s first wife, born and brought up in the Big Apple, working as a fashion designer.

Who was the groom and the bridal veil? When were they married?

Gina and Tom tied the knot in 2001 with their marriage celebrated in the Tuscany region of Italy which is known for its traditional arts, undefiled nature, and the atmosphere of ancient culture.

Analyzing the conclusion of their marriage – why did Gina Sasso and Thomm Ford get divorced?

The entertainment couple’s 2010 divorce is believed to have been caused by allegations of infidelity and constant work-related stress.

What praises or criticisms have Viviane and Thomas’ couple received in the public?

Viviane de Sousa and Thomas Ford’s marriage has been so far a low-key and not rocket one during which there were no major scandals unlike Gina Sasso’s publicized and then covered with mud divorce and Thomas Ford.